Readings for Theology of Work, Jan. 26-28, 2016: The bible and work

Books of the bible are divided into chapters and verses, and theologians always refer to biblical passages by these chapter and verse numbers. You can learn how this notation system works by reading this Wikipedia entry:

All the material you’ll need to read prior to class on January 26-28 is linked on this page. CORE 269B (Tuesday-Thursday, 2:00 section) should read Part 1 for Tuesday, Jan. 26 and Part 2 for Thursday, Jan. 28. CORE 269E (Wednesday night) should read both Parts 1 and 2 for class on the 27th.

It might be a good idea to print out the readings. In any case, you will need to bring them to class in some form, on paper or electronically.

Part 1: The book of Genesis and work

Genesis 1:1 – 4:12

  • As you read, look for descriptions of work: God’s work, humans’ work, the goals of work, etc. We will take an inventory of these in class and try to figure out the pattern of what Genesis is saying about work — and what its language enables us to say about work.

Rose Hackman: “Women Are Just Better at This Stuff: Is Emotional Labor Feminism’s Next Frontier?”

  • In what sense do the problems Hackman describes reflect the way Genesis treats the division of labor between men and women?

Part 2: The New Testament and work

These readings include various parts of the gospel according to Matthew, primarily sayings of Jesus that pertain to work. As you read, think about whether and how Jesus offers a response or solution to the situation humans are in regarding work, as described in Genesis.

Matthew 4:18-22; 6:19-34, 9:9, 9:35-10:14, 11:28-30, 12:1-14, 16:24-26, 19:16-22, 20:1-16, 25:14-30 (Do these last two passages conflict with each other?)

We also have three passages from the letters of Paul, the most influential early Christian writer. Does Paul’s outlook on work cohere with Jesus’ outlook, or conflict with it?

1 Corinthians 7:17-24, 12:12-31; 2 Thessalonians 3:6-13



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